Monday, March 30, 2009


Chris and I saw this a few years ago on some public access channel, and when we told people about it they didn't believe that it existed. It has finally found its way to YouTube.


Thursday, March 26, 2009

Idol Thoughts

I know some others (Dim) may not agree with me, but I like Kara (but not enough to look up how to spell her name). I get the feeling that she and Simon are the ones who know the music industry and she, unlike Simon, actually has some musical knowledge. I also like having a female who isn't like Paula on the panel; she's honest, but with a softer edge than Simon. So, on to Motown week, another week I'm not particularly fond of. Come to think of it, I really don't like the themes on this show. They want the kids to be contemporary and then do showtunes and Motown and Michael Jackson.

Matt - I feel the same way about this dude as I have from the beginning. I realize that he has talent, but I can't bring myself to care.

Kris - Stupid shirt, but he's still hot as hell. I don't like this song, but he sounded fine. I don't know if his looks are enough to help him get past Adam's charisma or Scott's and Danny's back stories.

Scott - Holy crap, I really want to like this guy, but he couldn't be more boring if he tried! Singing and playing the piano does not have to be a snoozefest. I also think he has a bit of an attitude. And his arms are freakishly long.

Megan - That was horrendous. I agree with Kara that "My Guy" would have been a better song for her voice. Way too fast, sharp throughout, just horrible.

Anoop - Great voice (although his falsetto is nothing compared to what Adam did), boring song. I think he's damned either way. If he does slow, sweet songs like this they'll tell him to speed it up and have fun; if he does a more up-tempo song they'll tell him he doesn't have the swagger or charisma for it.

Michael - That was pretty bad. I fast-forwarded though most of it. I'm sure Michael's a nice guy, but he's out of his league. Let him go back to entertaining his buddies on the oil rig.

Lil - I'm glad someone (Kara?) called her out on the screaming. Throughout her whole performance I was wondering if they were going to point out her screechiness after they blasted Michael for screaming. She could have knocked Motown week out of the park with a different song.

Adam - Awe. Some. Usually when people on this show try to hit falsetto notes I cringe in anticipation of their voice cracking, but Adam's vocals were excellent. I could do without the 20 tons on gel in his hair, but he has a very handsome face without that pancake make-up. And to get a standing O from Smokey must have felt incredible. Way to go, Adam!

Danny - I don't know why, but for some reason it really bothered me that he didn't take Smokey's advice. Who the hell are you, Danny Gokey? A douche, that's who. You're not nearly as good as you think you are, bro.

Allison - That was excellent, although probably not as excellent as the judges said it was. Did she mess up the lyrics? I'm calling final 3 for her.

I think my issue with this season is that there isn't anyone I love and there isn't anyone I despise. There are people I could do without, but this season doesn't have a "villain." And as much as people want to talk about it being a singing competition, it's not--it's a TV show.


Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Idol Thoughts

Ahh, country week. My least favorite theme. Because I don't listen to country I don't usually have too many opinions as far as this week is concerned, although I did find myself less bored than I usually am.

Michael--That was pretty bad and I'm with Simon; I couldn't really understand a word he said.

Allison--Pretty good, I like this kid.

Kris--Good, a little boring, but when you're hot you can be boring.

Lil--I think someone does this song every year and I always fast forward through it.

Adam--I don't know if that was horribly sacrilegious (you know I accidentally typed sacrilicious) or insanely awesome; I'm going to go with insanely awesome.

Scott--This guy bores me to death. I fast forwarded through this.

Alexis--I really liked it, I'm not sure why the judges didn't.

Danny--"Jesus Take the Wheel"? Jesus take my fast forward button.

Anoop--Randy Travis said it's hard to hear this song without thinking of Willie Nelson. Not if the version you know is the Pet Shop Boys'. I thought Anoop did very well.

Megan--Wear a bra. I liked her vocals but can't get past the way she moves when she performs.

Matt--Still does Elliot Yamin things to me. I appreciate the talent but I'm not particularly interested in what he's selling.

Going home? Michael, I hope. Shut up Randy (Jackson, not Travis).


Thursday, March 12, 2009

Idol Thoughts

I can't believe Dim beat me to Idol thoughts this week! I'm still watching the show, but I'm basically watching 2 hours in 20 minutes thanks to my DVR. Because I have some school work to do, I'll make this very brief:

First of all, let me say that I loooove Michael Jackson, although I don't think he's the best theme for AI due to his unique vocal tics. I was very disappointed that someone didn't do "Smooth Criminal."

Lil Rounds: Damn, that girl's got an ass on her! And that's coming from someone with an ample ass herself. I don't dislike Lil, but I don't seem to think she's as good as everyone else thinks she is.

Scott: I loved Simon's comment about AI not being the venue for being artistic. Again, I think this guy is decent, but (non-PC alert) wonder if he would be on the show if he weren't blind. I was glad to see they didn't make an ass out of him during the group sing.

Danny: Hate the fact that he's pimping his dead wife, but I have to begrudgingly admit that he did pretty well.

Michael: I fast forwarded through this. Nothing against Michael, but "You Are Not Alone" is one of my least favorite songs in the history of songs.

Jasmine: This was boring to me.

Kris: It doesn't hurt that I love "Remember the Time." I thought this was pretty good (although I admit I'm biased by his looks), but the guitar was sort of pointless.

Allison: I really like this chick, as much as I wanted to hate her after she dared to sing "Alone." I thought she was off-key, but that doesn't matter so much in a "rock" (that's about as rock as MJ gets) song.

Anoop: I love him (for an embarrassing reason) and I love "Beat It." I don't know what the judges were talking about because this was one of the few performances of the night that I enjoyed. You can't choose a MJ theme and they say "Beat It" is untouchable.

Jorge: Awww, I really liked Jorge. I hate "Never Can Say Good-bye" though. I guess you can say good-bye *rimshot*.

Megan: In the context of this show, I hate her. I might like her if she were on the radio or something. But, really? "Rockin' Robin"?

Adam: Everything says I should find this guy insanely hot (oh how I love the gays), but there's some kind of a disconnect. I thought he did well, but I'm going to reserve judgement for now.

Matt: Considering I had to think for a while to remember who Matt was... I love "Human Nature," and he did a fine job, but he's like Elliott Yamin to me. I recognize his talent, but it's not my taste.

Alexis: Very interesting song choice! I thought she did well and actually agreed with Paula (WTF?) about the oversinging.

My favorites of the night: Anoop, Kris, Alexis, Allison
Least favorites: Jorge, Megan, Jasmine, Michael (again, on principle, since I didn't watch it)

And, because it can't be said enough, shut up, Randy.


Thursday, March 05, 2009


I'm alive, just very, very busy. I hope to have time to write more soon!