Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Idol Thoughts

Ahh, country week. My least favorite theme. Because I don't listen to country I don't usually have too many opinions as far as this week is concerned, although I did find myself less bored than I usually am.

Michael--That was pretty bad and I'm with Simon; I couldn't really understand a word he said.

Allison--Pretty good, I like this kid.

Kris--Good, a little boring, but when you're hot you can be boring.

Lil--I think someone does this song every year and I always fast forward through it.

Adam--I don't know if that was horribly sacrilegious (you know I accidentally typed sacrilicious) or insanely awesome; I'm going to go with insanely awesome.

Scott--This guy bores me to death. I fast forwarded through this.

Alexis--I really liked it, I'm not sure why the judges didn't.

Danny--"Jesus Take the Wheel"? Jesus take my fast forward button.

Anoop--Randy Travis said it's hard to hear this song without thinking of Willie Nelson. Not if the version you know is the Pet Shop Boys'. I thought Anoop did very well.

Megan--Wear a bra. I liked her vocals but can't get past the way she moves when she performs.

Matt--Still does Elliot Yamin things to me. I appreciate the talent but I'm not particularly interested in what he's selling.

Going home? Michael, I hope. Shut up Randy (Jackson, not Travis).



Blogger B. said...

My prediction is also Michael to go home.

I already commented on Not Dim's blog and am trying to think if I have anything else I wanted to say that I didn't post on there.

Hmmmm....oh yea, J. is a big Adam fan and has been since before Hollywood week. He also likes Anoop Dogg. Meanwhile, I'm cheering for Allison and Danny so we are a house divided.

I also like Brad Paisley, and I really like this song he's singing tonight.

3/18/2009 9:30 PM  

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