Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Make it Stop!

*Updated 2-16

First of all: 5 hours of American Idol next week. Good god.

My thoughts:
  • Robert Bennett, Jr. - That's the weird-looking guy who I don't like.
  • Kevin Covais - Is that the little dorky kid? If so, cute but meh.
  • Bucky Covington - Hot in a greasy way
  • Chris Daughtry - I think I'll like him, but not enough to go the concert.
  • Patrick Hall - Meh
  • Taylor Hicks - I liked him until he brought a harmonica with him. Seriously, dude.
  • William Makar - Cute! Not to self: Keep repeating, "He's only 16..."
  • Gedeon McKinney - Blech. Shut up.
  • "Sway" Penala - Not my cup of tea, and his mom is like, 5 years older than he is.
  • David Radford - We don't need another John Stevens.
  • Elliot Yamin - Pretty good but I don't know if I can get past the snaggletooth.
  • "Ace" Young - So pretty...
  • Paris Bennett - I like her for now, but she'll probably annoy me soon.
  • Ayla Brown - Who the hell passes up a full scholarship to Boston College for American Idol.
  • Heather Cox - She beat my fellow TWoP-er based solely on looks.
  • Brenna Gethers - SHUT. THE. FUCK. UP.
  • Mandisa Hundley - Love her!
  • Melissa McGhee - Still, who?
  • Katharine McPhee - Annoying.
  • Becky O'Donahue - Skank.
  • Kellie Pickler - Carrie Underwood, part 2. I predict she will sing "Piece of My Heart" with a big grin. If so, I will go to California and kick some ass.
  • Stevie Scott - Might get on my nerves.
  • Kinnik Sky - I liked her.
  • Lisa Tucker - She'll get on my nerves.


Blogger Rusty said...

Okay, what the hell, Jen? I was just with you, and you never said you liked Kinnik Sky! I actually thought you said you thought the other girl on the chair with her should have made it!

And how dare you dis my little dorky kid! I think he's great!

A bunch of those I totally agree with, and you know Mandisa is my girl, bringin' it for the big girl community!

Kellie Pickler is absolutely Carrie Underwood Revisited. She won't win just based on that, I suppose.

Ace is hot as hell.

2/15/2006 10:36 PM  
Blogger defiant goddess said...

I think I'm the only person in the world who has never watched an episode of American Idol.

2/16/2006 8:53 AM  
Blogger Jenny G said...

Yeah, but just because I liked the other girl better doesn't mean I don't like Kinnik.

Goddess - Consider yourself lucky.

2/16/2006 11:06 AM  
Blogger Caroline said...

I agree with you about Ayla Brown. Who does that?!! I mean what is planning on telling the folks over at BC? Sorry, I am withdrawing my enrollment to be on American Idol? Hehe.

I like the dorky kid. He's from Long Island! Do you think that Taylor Hicks has some sort of condition? I mean he seems to be a little bit spastic to me. Kellie Pickler is totally Carrie Underwood's clone.I guess they always have to pick someone like her...

2/16/2006 1:31 PM  
Blogger Jenny G said...

Yeah, she needs to lose her scholarship for being a dumbass. The dorky kid looks like some kid I went to school with. I think Taylor just feels the music and thinks he's Ray Charles.

2/17/2006 9:49 AM  

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