Tuesday, May 02, 2006


Mandy Moore said in a radio interview that her first album sucked and she will offer refunds. I loved Mandy in Saved and American Dreamz. She was the least popular of the young, blonde, pop singer quartet in the late 90s, but she has made the most out of herself. Maybe she hasn't had the most success, but I'd say her career (acting, anyway) has the highest chance of longevity.

We have another case of a diner
finding a finger piece in food, this time at TGI Friday's. As a former food service worker, I cannot fathom how you could not realize your finger was cut off. Besides, if you cut yourself that badly, why is the food you were preparing being served to customers? I sliced my finger very badly whilst cutting a bagel in an unsafe manner. Ok, full disclosure: I did the EXACT SAME THING two days in a row. I knew I was injured, I knew my finger was intact, and the bagel I was cutting obviously went into the trash. I was wearing a latex glove, as this guy should have been if he was mixing hamburger. Mmmm...hand hair hamburgers...

In Malaysia, a 33-year-old man married a 104-year-old woman; this is her 21st marriage.
You go, girl!


Blogger March to the Sea said...

MMoore did a cover album that I need to add to lala..she covered the likes of XTC.

5/02/2006 4:56 PM  
Blogger Dim said...

Mandy's not blonde anymore, right? She has darker hair now and she looks way more smokin', I think.

Last I heard, she and Zach "Garden State" Braff were hot and heavy.

- D.

5/02/2006 5:49 PM  
Blogger Jenny G said...

The last song of hers I heard was "Candy" back when I was in high school. She was only 14 then, so she can be forgiven. She does have brown hair now, although she was blonde in American Dreamz. I think she's the prettiest of those 4 girls. Britney is skanky, Christina looks sort of wonky, and Jessica looks too plastic. I think she and Zach are dating, but Wilmer Valderrama claims he took her virginity. Why someone would sleep with him is beyond me.

5/02/2006 6:43 PM  
Blogger defiant goddess said...

I almost lost a finger using the wrong knife once. Since then, my motto is:

Use the wrong knife, get the wrong results.


5/02/2006 8:36 PM  
Blogger Jenny G said...


5/04/2006 1:44 PM  

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