Sunday, May 29, 2005

100+ Facts about Me

I got this idea from Jenn's Random Thoughts.

1. I've never liked a song the first time I heard it.
2. I'm deathly afraid of spiders.
3. I don't believe in soul mates.
4. I thought the title of "Bennie and the Jets" was "Banging on the Jets."
5. I've become a morning person.
6. I have no desire to travel anywhere west of PA.
7. I'm hard to impress.
8. I like dogs better than people.
9. I never go to the doctor because I'm afraid I'll have some horrible disease.
10. I also never go because I hate my doctor.
11. I think transvestites are sexy (think Tim Curry in Rocky Horror).
12. My brain doesn't work if I haven't had my coffee.
13. I smoke too much.
14. I'm paranoid.
15. I love my parents but I am unable to tell them.
16. I become anxious if my home isn't clean.
17. I hate taking showers, but I can't not bathe daily.
18. I have very few regrets.
19. I'm passive-aggressive.
20. I'm fiercely loyal.
21. I truly think my life would be easier if I were stupid.
22. I would never eat food that dropped on the ground, but I'll smoke my cigarette if it does.
23. I'm stingy.
24. I love the place where I'm living now.
25. Right now, things are going the best for me that they ever have in my life.
26. I have no clue what I want to do with my life.
27. I'm turning into my mom.
28. I hate weddings.
29. I cried while watching Fahrenheit 9-11.
30. I don't read as much as I should.
31. I'm extremely neurotic.
32. I hate bacon.
33. I'm notoriously bad at returning e-mails.
34. I hate being an only child.
35. I don't share well because of it.
36. But I'm NOT spoiled.
37. I don't think there's any excuse for grammatical errors in advertisements or media.
38. I couldn't whistle till I was a teenager.
39. I hate small talk.
40. I love going on long drives.
41. I like ice hockey for the fights.
42. Eyes squick me out.
43. Feet do too.
44. I can always tell when a woman has dyed her hair blonde.
45. I'm afraid of showing signs of weakness.
46. In school, I would always look around to make sure I wasn't the ugliest girl in the class.
47. I have low self-esteem.
48. Hard-shell crabs are my favorite food.
49. I only eat them once a year at the neighborhood crab feast.
50. I like beer now; I didn't before.
51. I'm a good cook, if I do say so myself.
52. I'm a Taurus through and through.
53. I don't understand the rules of football even though they have been explained to be several times.
54. I don't let people in easily.
55. I've always wanted to throw a drink in someone's face.
56. I have a quick temper.
57. But I get over it quickly.
58. I want TiVo.
59. I suck at math.
60. My 401(K) lost 14 cents last quarter.
61. I'm good with money.
62. I hate the fact that my hair is turning brown.
63. The song "Brown-Eyed Girl" made me ok with the fact that I don't have blue eyes.
64. I'm not politically correct.
65. People think I'm shy, but I'm not. I just have to get a feel for people before I open up because I tend to offend people (see 64).
66. The first thing I read in the Sunday paper is the wedding and engagement announcements.
67. I WILL go to London before I die.
68. British accents are sexy.
69. British teeth are not.
70. Nice teeth are important to me.
71. I've had braces twice, 2 kinds of retainers, head gear, and 2 kinds of rubber bands.
72. I've never had a cavity.
73. I've never broken a bone.
74. I think it would be cool to be a cop.
75. I went to Boston once and loved it.
76. I didn't like Disney World.
77. My grandma makes the best red velvet cake in the world.
78. But I make better mashed potatoes than she does.
79. The two most judgmental people I know are the two most devout Christians I know.
80. I think sororities and fraternities are stupid.
81. I'm appalled by some of the clothes high school girls wear.
82. I could probably sue my last supervisor for slander if I wanted to do so.
83. I think interracial children are the cutest.
84. I love playing Scattergories.
85. I love designing and decorating houses in The Sims.
86. I look at houses when I'm out for ideas for The Sims.
87. If I'm driving or walking by someone's house at night and they don't have the blinds shut, I look in their window.
88. I ALWAYS close my blinds at night.
89. I love Chinese food.
90. I think prostitution should be legal.
91. So should marijuana.
92. When I smell the lip gloss I wore in 8th grade it brings back memories.
93. I have too many candles.
94. And shoes.
95. I hate clothes shopping.
96. I love shopping for stuff for my home.
97. I'm a pushover.
98. I have a lot of guilt.
99. I'm not a Christian but I celebrate Christmas because I consider it to be a secular holiday.
100. I like my boyfriend's family.
101. I'm not close to my own.
102. I hate the Rolling Stones.
103. You'd have to pay me a large amount of money to get me to go to my 6-year high school reunion.
104. I get along with men better than women.
105. Groups of women make me uncomfortable.
106. I hate when people talk about their children incessantly.
107. If I ever do, I want someone to shoot me.
108. I don't even know if I want children.
109. My grandma thinks I should have children now because "I'm almost too old to have children."
110. I hate crowds.
111. I try to go to stores early in the morning because of it.
112. I've boycotted Wal-Mart.
113. But I'm Target's whore, and I'm sure they're just as bad.
114. I'll probably die of cancer--3 out of 4 of my grandparents have.
115. But that doesn't make me want to quit smoking.
116. I'd rather die young than be in a nursing home.


Blogger Jennifer said...

I'm a Target whore too! And, I'm totally ok with that! :)

5/28/2005 11:20 PM  
Blogger J. said...

Cool list.

Re: 1-*sigh* liked Counting Crows "Big Yellow Taxi" first time I heard it--but i knew two other versions so that doesn't count.

15 - me too (er, not that I love YOUR parents, though I'm sure they're nice people...)

32 - sad, that

50 -goes well with bacon...

81 - We have been given t-shirts we're supposed to make the worst offenders wear--I said at that staff meeting "so it's a contest--whoever has the skankiest outfit wins a free t-shirt?"

88 - I know, dammit. (er, uh--yeah, those aren't my footprints by the shrubbery)

89-91--and what a great business opportunity combining those three might be

100-101 - same w/ me and my wife's family

103 - "6 year renunion"? What sort of weird-ass high school did you go to? Are you sure there really is such a reunion? Did they tell you it was a costume party as well?

116 - ditto.

5/29/2005 11:10 AM  
Blogger Jenny G said...

Last weekend at Target I got 4 shirts, 2 pairs of pants, a pair of shorts, lighters, a badminton/volleyball set, and a baseball glove for only $138!! Awesome.

1. I don't think remakes count. Usually with a remake, I like the version I heard first better.
50. Bacon and beer: the breakfast of champions.
81. LMAO
88. Sorry 'bout that.
89-91. In York they have done that...
103. LOL...well, our class president went to jail, so that may have held up the process.

5/29/2005 12:09 PM  
Blogger Jennifer said...

Holy Lord Jenny! $138 for all that! That's exactly the reason Target rocks!
Also must say that #28 is the story of my life! Weddings make me miserable. They make me feel as though I'm the only one out of my group of friends who hasn't gotten married and had babies. Plus, who really wants to sit there for 2 hours while 2 people are confessing their undying love for one another...especially when they were just fighting two days ago.
But no, I'm not bitter. :)

5/29/2005 1:57 PM  
Blogger noelle feather said...

#66-the wedding announcement stuff, ME TOO! I do the exact same thing! :)

5/29/2005 9:31 PM  

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