Thursday, May 26, 2005

Seacrest in Charge of My Days and My Nights

Well, well, well. I would just like to point out to the people who rolled their eyes when I said it was so obvious that Carrie was going to win after Mario was eliminated that I was indeed correct. It's ok; I'm glad Bo can do whatever music he wants to do now. I liked the finale. It was very cheese-tastic, which is what AI should be. And JPL was in the audience. They could have put him in front of George though; geez. Way to put the shortest guy behind the tallest. I'm happy for Bo because he seemed happy. He is now one of Skynyrd's Frynds (You have to pronounce that "frynerds" like a guy I graduated with who was such a "huge" Skynyrd fan). The group medley was cute, as were most of the songs with the famous people I didn't know were still alive and relevant. I liked the Primetime spoof too. I felt bad for the National Anthem girl though, unless she was just doing that because she is a famewhore.

Congratulations, Bo! In AI-world, second place wins!


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