Monday, June 11, 2007


I'm back on Wellbutrin. The meds that gave me hives were samples, so they were brand name and this is generic, so maybe that will keep me from having a reaction. I'm a little nervous though, because generally if you have an allergic reaction to something and you come in contact with it again, it's worse the second time around, and I really don't feel like going into anaphylactic shock. When I went to pick up my pills the pharmacy person told me there were two scripts for me. I said, "Ummm...nooo..." She said, "Lexapro and Wellbutrin are both here." WTF?! Apparently my insurance does cover Lexapro and when I talked to my doctor last Thursday he said he never head from the pharmacy about it not being covered when the woman specifically told me they called. Another thing that bothers me about this pharmacy is that they blatantly ignore you when you go up to the counter. I don't expect them to stop what they're doing, but they could at least say, "I'll be right with you." Ce-rist! I still have 6 refills left on my birth control, but after that I'm switching to Walgreen's. Grocery stores are local, so I won't be making them lose much business by posting this, but it's Weis Markets. They're affiliated with King's and Mr. Z's if any of those are in your area.

I got my LibraryThing book in the mail today and it's actually Keeping the House by Ellen Baker, not the book they said it was going to be. That's ok with me though, because this book sounds more interesting to me than the one I was supposed to get. The review for this one calls it long and uneven, but then it calls the characters engaging. The awesome thing about this is that I just got a $25 book for free, and that's more than I paid for my LT lifetime membership. My only worry is that the book is around 500 pages, and I'm a pretty slow reader since I generally only read before bed and at work.

I downloaded the new version of Firefox and it randomly closes all of my windows. Not liking this, Mozilla!

Update 8:08 P.M. I'm watching Hell's Kitchen. Gordon Ramsay is so hot!

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Blogger Rusty said...

Update 8:23 PM. Rusty called me and talked about herself for 45 minutes. Huzzah!

6/12/2007 7:13 PM  
Blogger Christopher said...

You called yourself?!

Thanks for your input. I'm never shopping at Weis AGAIN! That one person who ignored you is obviously a representative of the entire company as well as its sister stores. Alone we are weak but together we can make them pay for that one worker's bad day!

I cant wait for you to yell at me for this. =D

6/18/2007 4:00 AM  
Blogger Mary Rose said...

Wow, Chris. You are soooo hilarious.

6/18/2007 7:49 AM  

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