Friday, January 12, 2007

TV Musings

My Office musings will be posted as soon as I get around to re-watching the shows. Sorry this post is lame; work is kicking my ass.

January 4:

I had read spoilers that Carrie was leaving but I didn't realize it would be so abrupt! Not too many have people have been on the show longer than she has. I'm not too broken up about this though. I was pretty meh about Weaver.

Pratt has royally screwed up again. It seems like people are either screwing up at county general or being "superdoctor."

Shut up Sam and Sam's grandmother and Alex.

I guess Sam's new beau has some drug issues. I caught that he had the key to the drug lock-up right before that guy spewed his stomach blood all over the place.

Uncle Jesse's girlfriend is a psycho.

That's all I can remember from last week.

January 18:

Ames is back! That "Call your husband" thing was creepy. I swear to god though, if they have Abby's dad burst in the door to save them, I will track down the writers.
Alex is such a douche. As I was telling March, my parents would have kicked my ass from here to India if I had acted like that.

Sam's a hobag.

Ray, I've asked you once already; please shave the weasel 'stache.

I'm tired of the pissiness between Luka and Abby.

I read spoilers that that was Abby's dad but I guess that would have been a big holy shit moment if I hadn't.

Hopefully soon Ray and Gates will realize that the feeling they have are for each other and not Neela. And what the hell was with Ray "thanking" Pratt for his advice? I must have totally missed when Ray and Pratt ever had a conversation that didn't revolve around Pratt's ego and need to assert himself as the boss or Ray's ego and his delusion that he's a RAWKER.

We mustn't let an episode go by without mentioning Carter.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have yet to watch last night's ER. Last week's episode was really quite meh. I kind of wish there didn't have to be so much drama around Carrie's leaving the show. Typical, I suppose.

Is it bad that I kind of liked Sam's grandma? Caricature that she is. Of course I still have to see what happens with her.

1/12/2007 4:23 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

time for a series of choppers (like that part in Apoc. Now) to swarm over county general.

1/12/2007 5:37 PM  

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