Friday, December 15, 2006

TV Musings

Hmmm...I liked this episode but I wasn't crazy about it.

What I loved:

Dwight stealing Toby's robe. I loved his little "Why?" and the stroking of Kevin's robe.

The karaoke, especially Kevin singing "You Oughta Know."

Karen and Pam's relationship and all the formations of (and denying memberships to) new committees.

Michael marking his date because all waitresses look the same. And speaking of that, did they use different actresses for Michael's date? I could have sworn the waitress at Benihana had a thinner face and her hair was more reddish-brown than the girl he took to the party. Great, now I'm like Michael Scott!

Dwight and Angela showing some affection. I hated their relationship before tonight because it never seemed real. It was always used as comic relief.

Phyllis's longing gazes at the fun party.

Dwight arguing with the chef at Benihana about the knives. I know people like that.

Listening to the sample of the song on iTunes over and over again. One more way I'm like Michael Scott.

Darryl and his sythesizer. I love Darryl! One of my all-time favorite moments in this series is during "The Alliance' when Pam and Jim trick Dwight into hiding in a box in the warehouse. The look Darryl gives Dwight when he breaks out of the box is priceless.

Dwight waiting for the helicopter. Abort mission!

Dwight singing "Lady," which is my #2 favorite love song of all time.

What I didn't like:

Another allusion to Meredith's alcoholism. I get it and so do all the other viewers. One of the great things about the show was its subtlety. Please remember that, writers.

Jim's rebound conversation. It's really assholish that he's using Karen as his rebound girl and continues to lead her on. I'm not really shipping for Pam and Jim right now, mostly because I don't like the way Jim is acting towards her. The allure of Jim in the first place was that he was so perfect. Good-looking without being so hot that he's full of himself, sweet, smart, thoughtful, funny--now he's kind of a prick which has made me stop living vicariously through Pam. It was nice to see him admit that he still has feelings for him, but I'm sort of over the whole thing. At last year's finale, my heart was flip-flopping. If the confession and the kiss happened now I don't think that would be the case.

The goose. Waaaaay too much!

Hannah. She needs to go away. If I knew her in real life I'd want to beat her about the head with a baseball bat.

Next week's episode is a re-run of this I believe.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

overall I was pleased with this episode. I was saying there were not some crazy laugh out loud moments but some good drawing out of characters..we get to know them more.

I like the tension of Jim/Pam not sure why.

"Do I go in to your house and steal hello kitties?" that was awesome.

Oscar..did he quit? WHen I saw him I said "we haven't seen him in ages" I can'r recall if he quit during the witchunt episode.

"We are going to the Asian Hooters" another good one.

Ryan having a slew of excuses.

didn't like.
Micheals "fake" crying. He is pretty good at everything but a "sad" emotion.

The missing robe..that I didn't get.

Overall I was pleased though.

12/15/2006 3:08 PM  
Blogger Jenny G said...

Oscar was given a few months of paid leave in exchange for not suing the company. In real life he was working on another project.

12/15/2006 3:52 PM  
Blogger B. said...

Ok. I liked the goose part and especially liked when Dwight was telling the waitress about how to gut it.

12/16/2006 10:02 AM  
Blogger Jenny G said...

B: I thought the part about telling the waitress how to gut the goose was funny, but not the whole preparing it in the office kitchen thing.

12/18/2006 9:50 AM  

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