Wednesday, March 08, 2006

The Girls

Paris Bennett - Is jeans under dresses what the kiddos are wearing today? If so, why? And "Conga?" Really? Does anyone other than Gloria Estefan actually like that song?

Ayla Brown - *shallow* I think she's fug. What the hell were her pants last night? *shallow* The song she sang is one of the songs that I would throw myself through a window to turn off of the radio. Ewww, Randy agreed with me! He said that wasn't a singer song, which is something I said when Patrick Hall sang Melissa Ethridge.

Mandisa Hundley - Girl can SANG! She rocks in all ways. I cringe at how anyone else in this competition would have handled "I'm Every Woman."

Melissa McGhee - She's no Ann Wilson, but she was pretty decent. I'm biased about Heart since I love them. Girl needs to deskankify, stat! She's going home on Thursday.

Katharine McPhee - I love her voice, and I think the reason I don't like her is that she reminds me of Katie Holmes. Ryan seriously needs to lay off the pedophilia jokes. Way not to be obvious with interviewing Katharine before Kinnik performs, The Powers That Be. Who do you want to go home again?

Kellie Pickler - I usually take gossip, especially gossip about Idol contestants from friends, with a grain of salt, but
this tidbit from is interesting. Last night my comment about her was that it was competent. Apparently that's enough for the judges, but not for me. I'm so tired of her "Golly gee!" routine too. It's not cute or charming or funny. Good on Simon for pointing out that she's Carrie version 2.0, but it's his own fault that she's in the competition to being with.

Kinnik Sky - If I can tell you're sharp, then you must have been really bad. I like Alicia Keys well enough, but I hate that song. She's gone.

Lisa Tucker - Apparently she can play Hendrix (or at least a very slow version of the riff from "Purple Haze"). If she would sing Hendrix on the show I'd vote for her. I'd love to see someone do "Hey Joe." She was boring, and the fact that I wrote more about Hendrix than her in this recap doesn't bode well for her.


Blogger Dim said...

Kill me now. I'm commenting on this again.

Paris' likeability factor will carry her to the next round, though the song she sang was pretty "eh".

I don't think Ayla is fug, but her entire ensemble last night was unflattering. Not a good song for her either. But she stays.

Mandisa can certainly sing, but how come it is OK for her to oversing during a song, but when the chick sang Heart, Simon said she was shouting the song. I felt that Mandisa shouted her song too, though she definitely has the best voice of the bunch.

Melissa McGhee. I'm not really minding the skankification all that much, but she better take advantage of that voice now, because in 20 years, she's going to be doing cartoon voice-overs for Bea Arthur. I disagree. She stays.

Katharine McPhee. Dare I say, Dim is smitten? I even got "the nudge" from Xteen last night during her performance.

Kellie "I'm a mink" Pickler - She has a good voice and Simon actually said he likes her MORE than Carrie Underwood. No one can be that naive (except for maybe Backwoods Bucky), but I kind of think her act is funny.

Kinnik Sky - Rhymes with "goodbye"

Lisa Tucker - She's gone too.

Dim's voting off Kinnik and Lisa this week.

Now, I'm going to watch a 10 hour marathon of the Ultimate Fighting Championship just so I can get some of my manhood back.

3/08/2006 10:01 AM  
Blogger Jenny G said...

How hilarious is it that you only comment on the AI posts? :)

I was meaning to ask a guy if he thought Ayla was ugly; there's my answer. I agree a little bit about Mandisa, but her loudness is more pleasing to the ear than Melissa's.

Bea Arthur? Niiiiice.

Awww, Dim's got an AI crush.

I didn't hear Simon say he liked Kellie MORE than Carrie. I probably would have broken Rusty's family's TV, and I don't think they would have appreciated that.

On Friday I'm going to do my nails, get a facials and read gossip mags. Do you want to join me? :)

3/08/2006 12:53 PM  
Blogger Caroline said...

Mandisa was awesome last night, I like her the best now. Katherine was good too. Ayla and Kellie need to go home. They annoy me.

3/08/2006 1:32 PM  
Blogger Dim said...

Sorry, JG. Friday is my pedicure day and if it ain't the Star, I ain't reading it. I have standards.

I believe Simon's words to her was that he "preferred" her to "last year's winner".

And I am NOT watching the guys tonight, so I will NOT be commenting on that tomorrow. I'm watching some sort of Monster Truck thing, or some special on power tools or something.

- D.

3/08/2006 1:50 PM  
Blogger B. said...

My opinion for what it's worth--goodbye Kinnik and Ayla.

JG: I didn't know you were a fellow Heart fan! Rock on.

3/08/2006 5:27 PM  
Blogger Rusty said...

Heart is the best! I knew Jenny liked them, too, but not B. Awesome.

Well, Jenny, you know Mandisa is my favorite and my pick to win. Her voice is amazing, and I think she's stunningly gorgeous - plus, she's bringin' it for all the big girls out there. Love her.

I agree with the rest of your analysis. Kellie is beyond annoying!

3/09/2006 12:00 AM  
Blogger Jenny G said...

Caroline: I agree

Dim: Awww, maybe some other time :)

B: Heart rocks!

MR: Kellie actually make me yearn for Carrie Underwood.

3/09/2006 8:27 AM  

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