Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Girls' Night to Suck

If I showed up to work drunk like Paula was last night, I'd be fired. Just sayin'... This week's theme is...Dreck!

Paris Bennett - Wind Beneath My Wings?! What is this, 1992? Well, maybe it is since last week they told Chris he was being current by singing "Dead or Alive." If you're going to do a song from Beaches, do Otto Titsling.

Ayla Brown - I loathe Celine Dion, and I actually thought Ayla sounded better than she does. I still don't like her though.

Heather Cox - Oh, honey. Don't embarrass yourself by trying to sing Mariah. And I don't even really like Mariah.*

Brenna Gethers - Ouch. Buh-bye!

Mandisa Hundley - Awesome, although I hate Faith Hill.

Melissa McGhee - Meh.

Katharine McPhee - I couldn't hear her since there was stuff going on in the other room.

Kellie Pickler - I like calamari and spinach salad, bitch. I find it really hard to believe you've never seen a dog wearing clothes. You suck; go away.

Kinnik Sky - I didn't see her, but Gretchen Wilson? At least she didn't do Redneck Woman.

Lisa Tucker - It doesn't look good on you that I think a 5-year-old Michael Jackson sings Who's Loving You with more emotion than you did.

*Here is proof that Mariah Carey in on crack, as if anyone needed any. Not 100% work safe.


Blogger Jennifer said...

Brenna Gethers is such a punk!
I think Kellie Pickler is playing the dumb blonde card to her advantage. Can you say Jessica Simpson? The girls sucked some serious ass last night. :)

3/01/2006 4:13 PM  
Blogger B. said...

Ok..I like Kellie, but cannot stand Brenna. I ditto your "buh-bye." Also, lucky you didn't see Kinnik. She is so NOT country and proved it last night.

3/01/2006 4:54 PM  
Blogger Jenny G said...

I agree. When Bucky seemed dumb it was cute, but with Kellie you could tell it was fake.

I heard Kinnik on the recap and she sounded pretty bad.

3/02/2006 2:15 PM  

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