Friday, March 03, 2006

Ahh, Friday

I am very ready for the weekend. It has been one of those weeks.

Reason #3,586 why I am a loser: I went out yesterday morning to buy a new VCR because mine had 1 1/2 feet in the grave and I haven't missed an episode of American Idol since I started watching. Then I called my mom on my way home from work to make sure none of my boys went home. Any of you can feel free to organize an intervention for me. I'm very happy about who was kicked off last night, and I totally called it. Massive hee! at Bucky trying to do choreography and his exchange with Ryan. I felt sort of embarrassed for everyone during that group sing. I got home at 9:00 and was able to watch the whole taped episode by 9:20. Even on fast forward I could tell Paula was drunk out of her mind.

I was reading Teen People last night (shut up, it gets REALLY boring at the front desk at night), and I am now convinced that there is this big conspiracy theory to make me feel old, since my quarter of a century is coming up in May. They had an article about bands from before you were born, and a bunch of them were from the late 70s (which is technically before I was born, but not much) and the early 80s.

Oh, how I missed The Office! If it were possible to marry a TV show, I would. The football thing had me cracking up, Dwight as Mussolini, What's the difference between a salesman and a saleswoman? A vagina? No, boobs.


Blogger Dim said...

Ummm...quarter century? I'd give up a lot of things to be ten years younger, missy. Don't give me the "feel old" stuff! HA!

- D.

3/03/2006 9:33 AM  
Blogger Dim said...

OK, this is funny. Not being a big AI watcher, whenever you would say "Paula was drunk", I don't know why, but I never thought you meant it literally. Then, I see this story in the local rag! HAHA!

3/03/2006 12:13 PM  
Blogger Dim said...

OK, three straight comments from me. How puerile am I? I laughed loudest when Kevin said about the thermostat: "I always set it at 69." and then gave that look and that giggle. Oh man, I lost it.

OK, I'm done now.

- D.

3/03/2006 1:11 PM  
Blogger Jenny G said...

Yeah, but the thing about turning 25 is that you're so used to being a kid and then you look back and realize you've been out of high school 7 years. That article: holy shit! Someone on the message board I read quoted Paula talking about the fortune cookie and the melon...I thought they were exaggerating! I had no idea she actually said that! I did hear Ryan tell them, You realize we're on TV right, but I didn't hear what she said before that. Dammit! I taped over it. I told you I could tell she was drunk even on fast forward. I loved Kevin's 69 thing too! I forgot about that when I wrote my post. And the whole Toby/Amsterdam Creed/Hong Kong thing.

3/03/2006 1:39 PM  

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