Wednesday, November 23, 2005

The Office

Well, the people on TWoP didn't like The Office last night, but I did. Loved seeing Jim's house, loved Jim and Pam together, loved Dwight's, "Do I have access to their medical files?" I love how Jim threw the party so that his roommate could see that Dwight is, in fact, real.

Dwight: "You don't work at the office."
Jim's roommate: "You must be Dwight."

Angela and Dwight didn't creep me out because I was prepared for it and because I was too busy admiring Angela's shoes. Is it sad that I have the same taste in shoes as Angela?

Last night's episode was directed by Paul Fieg, who also directed Freaks and Geeks, another of the greatest TV shows of all time. I'm just really worried that The Office will be cancelled at the end of this season and there will be no closure. In Freaks and Geeks there was no closure. Lindsey decided to ditch her math conference to follow the Dead (if I'm remembering correctly) and we never got to see what happened after that. I hate that! Even if it's an ending I don't like, I need an ending. I think it's lazy to leave readers/viewers hanging on purpose. Let's hope NBC gives The Office at least one more season so Jim and Pam can get together.

On a semi-related note, John Krasinski will be playing in the
NBA celebrity basketball game. I haven't heard of a lot of those people, but whoever wrote that list needs to be fired. Way not to edit your work. John's last name is spelled wrong, and Donald Faison is from the show "Scurbs." I don't know who Kevin Hart is, but apparently he's an "actor/comdeian." Geez.


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