Sunday, November 06, 2005


10 Favorites:
Favorite Season: Spring or Fall
Favorite Sport: Ice hockey
Favorite Time: When I get home from work
Favorite Month: May
Favorite Actor : John Cusack, Samuel L. Jackson, John Krasinski
Favorite Actress: Uma Thurman
Favorite Ice Cream: Ben and Jerry's Phish Food
Favorite Food: hard-shelled crabs
Favorite Drink: iced tea
Favorite Place: home

9 Currents:
Current Feeling: Bored
Current O/S: Windows ME (I think!)
Current Windows Open: 3 Firefox windows (TWoP, Ben and Jerry's, and this one)
Current Drink: Diet Cherry Pepsi
Current Time: 5:06 P.M. EST
Current Mobile(s) Used : Cingular
Current Show on TV: Bend it Like Beckham paused
Current Thought: Perhaps I should have lied about what I have on TV
Current Clothes: Jeans and a long-sleeved T-shirt

8 Firsts:
First Nick: Jenny
First Kiss: Jason

First Crush: Some kid named Jonathan in pre-school
First Computer: Tandy
First Vehicle I drove: '90
Honda Accord
First Job: Bank Teller
First Movie I watched on Pulse Global’s print: Huh?
First Pet: Ginger the cat
First Shave: Don't remember

7 Lasts:
Last Chai: A couple weeks ago.
Last Movie: Elizabethtown
Last Time I Drove: This morning
Last Time Shaved: This morning
Last Web Site Visited: Ben and Jerry's
Last Software Installed: Desktop Weather, months ago
Last Pill I Had: A few days ago; I had a headache

6 Have You Evers:
Have You Ever Broken the Law: Yes
Have You Ever Been Drunk: Yes
Have You Ever Climbed a Tree: Yes
Have You Ever Kissed Someone You Didn’t Know: No
Have You Ever Been in the Middle/Close to Gunfire or Bomb Blast?: No
Have You Ever Broken Anyone’s Heart: I hope so.

5 Things:
Things You Can Hear Right Now: A leaf blower, a very loud motorcycle, cars going by, a dog barking.
Things on Your Computer Table: A bunch of post its, a coupons, my monitor, an ashtray from Ocean City that says, "Don't bother me, I'm crabby," a penny, a breast cancer pin, a thing to measure your ring size, a pencil holder, a mug with quarters in it, a paper clip holder, Tums, some notepads, a Linens N Things gift card, a Blockbuster gift card, and an empty cup
Things You Ate Today: Bologna, Cheddar cheese, a frozen dinner, and some chips
Things in Mind: New Simpsons and Family Guy tonight

4 Places You Have Been Today:
Grocery Store
My old supervisor's apartment (I'm cat sitting)
The gas station
My house

3 People You Can Tell Anything To:
Chris, MR, and Liz

2 Choices:
* Black or White: Black
* Hot or Cold: Hot

1 Thing You Want To Do Before You Die:
Go to England


Blogger oMeSSiaHo said...

"Current O/S: Windows ME (I think!)"

I guess the loading screen that stays on your POS for about 10 minutes that says Windows XP wasnt clear enough?

11/08/2005 2:16 PM  
Blogger Jenny G said...

Oh shit, I forgot about XP. I couldn't think of what the letters were. Sorry, not all of us sit and stare at the screen as our computers boot. :-)

11/08/2005 3:59 PM  
Blogger oMeSSiaHo said...

I dont need to stare at my screen. It usually only takes about 5 seconds! =D

11/11/2005 2:17 PM  

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