Monday, May 23, 2005

Utter Crap.

I freakin' love Netflix. Where else can you rent unlimited movies that you are embarrassed to rent in person for only around $20 per month? That being said, some of the movies I have rented should have been left unrented. Take for example the horrible movies I rented in the past 90 days:
  • The Strangler's Wife - I only rented this because Constantine Maroulis was in it. This movie was ridiculous. The acting was decent, but the woman who played Mae grated. The story was strange, and it was not at all suspenseful, thrilling, or erotic (This was billed as an erotic thriller). I suppose if I were a 12-year-old boy I would find images of women's bare breasts erotic, but I'm not so I didn't.
  • The Birds- My boyfriend and I exchanged many a WTF glance during this movie. I know Alfred Hitchcock is supposedly a genius, but really, Alfred? Birds? Why? And why wouldn't you put the top up on your convertible if there were birds trying to kill you? Maybe I'm just not sophisticated enough to "get" this movie.
  • Happiness - My best friend told me this movie was horrible and disturbing, so naturally, I had to rent it. It was horrible and disturbing. I'm sure this is another example of my lack of sophistication, but I could have done without watching a child masturbate and then seeing a dog eat his semen. Seriously.
  • Monster's Ball - I think the only purpose of this movie was to show Halle Berry nude. I'm not a prude, but I want my nudity to make some sense within the context of the movie. This was just like, "Hey! Halle Barre agreed to be naked for us, so let's have a bunch of gratituous sex scenes for shits and giggles!" And Billy Bob Thornton is fug. I felt like I was watching porn during their sex scene. I also hate Halle Berry, but that's a possible topic for another blog entry.
  • Requiem for a Dream - Just no. Even though it's number 52 on the IMDB's top 250... I'm not naive and I'm not easily disturbed, but I thought this movie was horrible. This may be one of those movies that you have to watch more than once to notice and appreciate everything, but I'll just have to live without that enrichment.


Blogger Sticky Keys said...

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5/24/2005 10:28 AM  
Blogger Sticky Keys said...


What I was trying to say is. Netflix and Blockbuster OWN MY SOUL! And I have rented WAY more than my fair share of horrid movies.

You're blog is so much fun! I'll have to put it on my links list!

5/24/2005 10:30 AM  
Blogger katiedid said...

I gave up on netflix. All I ever wanted from them were foreign and arty movies, and they just couldn't compete with my library's selection. (No, really. Mult. Co. Library in OR is freaking awesome.) So I gave up on the netflix thing. Besides, I really have no shame. You are currently reading the words of someone who is a new and proud owner of "Extreme Ops." It's just as awful as you think it is. Extremely awful. I love it.

5/26/2005 1:02 AM  
Blogger Jenny G said...

My nearest library has about 3 movies. I love Netflix because there are a ton of movies I want to see, but I'm not paying $5 a pop at Blockbuster.

I had never heard of Extreme Ops, so I looked it up. Umm...yeah... :-) Thanks for commenting; I love your blog!

5/26/2005 12:18 PM  

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