Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Idol Thoughts

Why is Quentin Tarantino a mentor for a group of singers? Who is the woman with the horrible face lift that they keep showing? Why don't they just get rid of Randy and Paula instead of doing that stupid taking turns thing? Why was this week so underwhelming? Since this is the top 7, how much do you want to bet they're going to do the douchebaggery of making one of the front runners (probably Adam) choose which group of 3 is safe or not?

Allison - Wow, I thought that was horrible. I love her but I loathe that song (and every Aerosmith song released since the mid-90s) with the fire of 1,000 suns and thought she was screechy and that her voice was all over the place. C

Anoop - What in blazes was he wearing? That was competent but boring. I couldn't help but think of Dim when he pointed to "you" at the end. B

Adam - I liked it, but it was probably my least favorite performance of his since the top 12...er, 13. Bonus points for the Rocky Horror Picture Show shout-out. A-

Matt - Oh God, Randy and I have the same opinion. I thought it was good till the bridge, and then it fell apart. B

Danny - I can't bring myself to care about this tool, and the view of him through the harp reminded me of one of those Time Life love songs of the 70s commercials. C

Kris - Has this song been in anything except Once? I know it was nominated for an Oscar, but I have the strange feeling I've heard it somewhere before. There were parts where I thought his voice was weak, but there were parts that gave me chills. A

Lil - Meh. I'm hoping that her little mouthing off episode will get her out of here, but it might be Matt's week to go. Full disclosure: I loooove this song. B-



Blogger Rusty said...

I don't watch it, of course, so I don't know what songs these are that you're referring to, or what happened on the show, but I always giggle at your descriptions of the goings-on. :)

A Time Life "Love Songs of the 70s" commercial? LOL. I love those, and always want to order the collection. I somehow doubt I'M their target demographic, and yet...

Don't know what Anoop was singing, but his pointing at "you" at the end reminds me of Celtic Thunder. On the DVD (and in the concert on the current tour), at the end of the song "Caledonia", they walk to the back of the stage, then turn around and point at the audience when they sing "...let me tell you that I love you, and I think about you all the time...", which, believe me, made me nearly cram my pens seeing it in person, but is honestly so "middle school choreography" that it just makes me laugh every time I see it on the DVD. LOL. It's a very American Idol-type thing to do, however, especially as the camera pans in a close circle around the singer.

4/15/2009 12:12 AM  
Blogger j said...

I also am a non-watcher, but was flipping channels and saw QT (eww--not an acronym you'd want to associate with him) babbling at some poor singer who probably was asking the same thing you were.

My rationale: If you become a successful singer, you will encounter lots of cocaine and you need to know how to combine recreational drug use with a successful showbiz career...

4/15/2009 2:11 AM  
Blogger Dim said...

I can't believe this week. What a mess. I struggled to like anyone, to be honest, though I thought Anoop and Kris did the best. (M)idol will be forthcoming.

- D.

4/15/2009 8:26 AM  
Blogger Rusty said...

What was the theme, by the way? No one seems to have liked this week all that much...

j's rationale comment made me laugh out loud. Too true.

4/15/2009 9:18 AM  
Blogger Jenny G said...

It was songs from the movies. Allison did "I Don't Want to Miss a Thing," Anoop did "Everything I Do, I Do It for You," Adam did "Born to be Wild," Matt did "Have You Ever Really Loved a Woman," Danny did "Endless Love," Kris did "Falling Slowly," and Lil did "The Rose."

4/15/2009 9:40 AM  
Blogger B. said...

Wait a minute. Rusty doesn't watch AI anymore??? Are you refusing to watch it after Castro go the boot?

4/16/2009 9:35 PM  

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