Friday, March 02, 2007

TV Musings

Since The Office was a re-run I watched part of the American Idol results show. AI just isn't doing it for me this year. I like some of the contestants, but I haven't latched on to any of them yet. I did love Leslie's ad-libbing during her sing-out. I liked her but I didn't bother getting attached since I knew she wouldn't last. To America, the only good singers are the ones who can belt it out. We're not big on subtlety. I can't believe some of these people haven't already been kicked off *coughAntonellaandSanjayacough*. I can't be too mad at America's voting patterns though; they shouldn't have been allowed through in the first place. Also, that group sing was painfully bad, and not in the delightfully cheesy to which I am accustomed.

Since there were only about 2 minutes of the hour-long Idol tape that I felt the need to watch on tape, I got a chance to watch 30 Rock. That show is hilarious. Dare I say it's funnier than The Office this season? I love the fact that Jack's sparkling wine tastes like (paraphrasing) the piss of Satan after eating asparagus. I'm sorry I haven't been watching that show all season, but that's what happens when the networks put every single show you watch on one night which also happens to be the night you're not home. I hope it comes out on DVD so I can Netflix it.

I also caught part of The Black Donnelleys (sorry if that's spelled wrong; I'm too lazy to look it up), which Rusty was raving about. I would have watched the whole thing but I wanted to be in bed before 11. What I saw of it was really good, but I don't hold much hope for a show that premiers mid-season, although if I remember correctly (again, too lazy), The Office was either a mid-season replacement or it premiered in the summer, so who knows?



Blogger metamorphose said...

I've never gotten into AI much in the first place, but the snippets of this season I have heard...*yawn*. Why is it that they all have to be belters? I'm sorry, but we don't need anymore.

I haven't had much of a chance to watch 30 Rock yet myself, but I've only heard good things.

3/02/2007 1:09 PM  
Blogger nomadshan said...

30 Rock got better this season when it began featuring Kenny more, IMO. And Alec Baldwin just rocks.

3/02/2007 1:27 PM  
Blogger March to the Sea said...

if you have an ipod w/video..or have the cpu space iTunes has a free download of the pilot of the Black Don...

3/02/2007 2:11 PM  
Blogger Rusty said...

March, did you like the Black Donnellys, too? I loved it so much I wrote an entire post about, well...just how much I loved it. And 30 Rock is freakin' hilarious! Some weeks I tape Grey's Anatomy and watch 30 Rock or vice-versa. I LOVE that show...I think it's brilliant.

Why do they do that to us, though? Putting all the shows everyone watched on one night of the week is a pretty silly idea...would it not make more money for them if they were spread out?!

3/02/2007 2:33 PM  
Blogger Jenny G said...

meta: I strongly recomment 30 Rock. AI this year, not so much.

Nomad: I loved last night when Kenny told LL Cool J that the party was going to get raw like sushi so all the haters need to move to the left and when he took LL's nose and he had one of his posse members go retrieve it. The actor who plays Kenny was on an episode of Arrested Development.

March: I have no ipod, but I think I do have the space.

Rusty: I guess part of it has to do with competition, like Ugly Betty vs. The Office; a little bit has to do with not wanting to put anything against American Idol; and another part is that NBC has traditionally had popular sitcoms and ER on on Thursdays.

3/02/2007 2:43 PM  
Blogger RenĂ©e said...

I knew I could count on you to post on AI. :) This is the first year that I've watched it and I'm hooked. I can't compare it to the other seasons, but so far, I really like it.

I didn't like watching auditions for three weeks and then only one week of Hollywood week. I wish they would turn that around. I'd rather spend three weeks seeing why the best auditioners got cut once they passed the first round.

At any rate, I had my first AI heartbreak. I voted for Nick and he was the first one cut this week. I don't get it. His performance was flawless. I guess it's like you said - the public doesn't get subtelty.

As for the ladies, I love Melinda. In fact, if she doesn't win this thing, I think this will be my last time watching AI.

3/03/2007 7:58 PM  
Blogger Jenny G said...

Hey, Renee! I've missed you. I hate the auditions too, and Hollywood should have been longer. And why the hell would I want to watch people ride an elevator and then sit in a chair to hear their fate? I'm no stranger to AI heartbreak. No one I've liked besides Bo Bice has even done well. Melinda is one of my favorite women. I like the fact that even though she's arguably the best contestant, she's humble.

3/04/2007 2:35 PM  

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