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I haven't been writing a lot because I haven't had too much to write about, but here's a brief update.

Last Saturday I had some people over for an Office Season 1 marathon. Watching those 6 episodes make me long for the days when the show was less self-aware. Everyone looked bad back then, but in a good way, if that makes sense. When you spend 8 hours a day sitting under fluorescent light you look washed out and your will to live is sucked away. I speak from experience. Now the actors look like actors wearing less make-up. The humor was more subtle back then too. It's hard to notice the difference if you haven't seen those episodes in 2 years, but it's really apparent when you go back through. The last 2 episodes were decent; I probably liked Phyllis's wedding the best. I didn't watch ER either week because it's getting boring and I preferred to read instead.

Last Tuesday I got up and looked out my window and it wasn't snowing at all, but by the time I left the ground had a coating. I did the work I could do for Wednesday and Thursday and left at 1:30. The roads were really bad both ways which left me wondering why I saw PennDot go by our house 3 times the night before we had a dusting of snow a few weeks ago, yet not one truck went by our house to salt the roads Monday night. Fucking PennDot. When I got home from work on Tuesday I had a margarita, ate chips and guacamole, and watched Arrested Development.

I called the office at around 6 AM on Wednesday and heard the most glorious sentence ever, "Our office will be closed on Wednesday, February 14, due to the weather." Wednesday was not fun though. I spent hours trying to dig my car out, which involved getting down on my hands and knees and chipping the ice behind my tires with an ice scraper. I have the bruises on my legs to prove it. My car was stuck for a while but finally Chris came out and had it cleared in about 5 minutes. After our landlord's plow guy finished our parking area it was a lake which ended up freezing into a smooth sheet of ice.

Just a quick note about American Idol: who the hell are the people in the top 24? I know who about 4 of them are and I'm very underwhelmed with the people I've never seen before.

On Thursday morning I woke up with every muscle in my body screaming. My supervisor called me and told me not to come in. I was going to go into the York office, but when I went out to see what the roads were like I slid through a red light. Luckily no one was coming. It was a sunny day so by noon the roads were a little better. I HAD to get out of the house so I went to the grocery store. The rest of the day was spent being a sloth.

Did you hear about the motorists who were stranded for about 20 hours on the interstate and the National Guard had to come in to given them gas, food, and baby supplies? You know, the story about how the onramps to the interstate weren't closed till Thursday even though there were already 50-mile backlogs? That was pretty close to here; in fact, it's on the way to my friend's house. Thanks, PennDot!

On Friday I was determined to go to work even if I had to walk. I love Chris, but 2 days snowed in with him was about to make me put an axe through the door and yell, "Heeeeeeere's Johnny!" My voicemail was more than 80% full and I worked my ass off from the time I walked in the door till the time I left, even through lunch. While I was running around like a chicken with my head cut off the receptionist sat at the front desk reading, paying her bills, and talking on the phone to her family, even though much of the work I was doing was stuff that she should have done on Thursday. So in other words, just a normal day at the office. Only 1 client showed up all day. I left the office at 4:05 and didn't get on 83 (which is about 4 blocks away from work) until 4:43. I didn't get home until about 5:25 and was going to end up hurting myself or others if it had taken any longer.

Yesterday I decided to go to Target and Home Depot to get a pair of boots, windshield washer fluid, and a metal shovel. When I went to leave, the church's plow guy was out with his backhoe so I couldn't get out at the top of my driveway. I asked my neighbor if I'd be able to get out the back way and he said yes because "Dennis goes out that way." I don't know who the hell Dennis is, but he obviously doesn't drive a small car like I do. As I drove back that unplowed lane I heard scraping noises that you really don't want to hear while you're driving. They were so bad that I'm afraid I did some serious, and expensive, damage to my car. Target had no boots, but if I had wanted flip flops I would have had several styles and colors to choose from. They also had no shovels, but they had any gardening implement or outdoors party game I could have possibly wanted. I went to Home Depot and I only saw plastic shovels that were crappier than the shovel I already have. I walked around the store for a bit but I saw neither shovels nor anyone to ask where the shovels were located, so I left.

I don't have any plans for today except to go get gas and pray that the ice didn't scrape some essential part of my car. I hope everyone had a good weekend and that no one has cabin fever too badly. It's supposed to be in the 40s and 50s next week and I couldn't be more excited!

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Blogger Rusty said...

Reading this update had me laughing at some points and nearly teary-eyed at others. I don't miss the snow at all, and I don't miss York, but I could just about burst with how much I miss you. I should have been there for your "Office" party, and I should be sliding through red lights on my way to your house. Dammit.

(Okay, I'm glad I'm not sliding through traffic lights...)

2/18/2007 11:10 AM  
Blogger Gina Marie said...

Cabin fever? I went sled riding all weekend! But yeah, driving in it is no fun. Just sled everywhere instead. :-)

2/18/2007 9:47 PM  
Blogger metamorphose said...

Sorry about your car. And the cabin fever.

But mmmm...chips and guacamole!

2/19/2007 1:42 AM  

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