Monday, May 22, 2006

The Weekend I Turned Old

On Friday morning I got my hair cut and highlighted. My hair guy sat me down in his chair and said, "Let me see something," and proceeded to check out the top of my head. He informed me that I had a gray hair and I told him it was fitting since it was my 25th. Then I came home and made myself some French onion soup using my expensive ass Gruyere cheese. The cheese was actually very good, and worth $13/lb., but I don't have a $13/lb. cheese budget, so this may be the only time I eat Gruyere. After lunch I ran some errands including getting myself a 6-pack of Corona. That stuff is expensive as hell, but it's my birthday, dammit!

In the evening, Chris took me to the best Chinese place in York. Then we went to an ice cream place to get a chocolate malt shake, which is something I have about once every other year. The guy in the ice cream place was such an ass. I was ordering for Chris and me and I had to tell him my order 4 times because he was ignoring me. It's not like I expect some random guy to give my ice cream order rapt attention, but his job is to serve me and to show some semblance of friendliness. I ordered and was charged for a large for Chris, yet received a small. Upon drinking my malt I noticed that this ass had not mixed it up well since the malt powder was still in powder form and my whole damn shake was gritty. This is a family-owned company that has been in York for ages; I'm sure the guy who owns it would not be happy to know how one of his employees acted.

When we came home we watched Wal-Mart: The High Cost of Low Prices. It didn't really tell me anything I didn't already know except for the fact that people in China, India, Honduras, and other countries work 7 days a week for about 27 cents a day in Wal-Mart's factories. In China there are dorms for the workers, but even if they choose not to live in the dorms they still get the rent payment taken out of their checks. They interviewed a man whose job it was to make sure the working conditions in Central and South America were suitable. When he reported that they weren't, he was fired.

Also, there is a fund that to which Wal-Mart employees can contribute to help fellow employees in times of need. Wal-Mart employees donated $5 million; in the same year the Walton family donated $6,000. Not only that, but the Wal-Mart corporation has received billions of dollars in subsidies from local governments at the expense of those counties' police and fire departments, schools, etc. After that movie we started to watch Arrested Development DVDs and I feel asleep on the couch at around 9:30. Rock on!!!

I didn't do much on Saturday. I cleaned the house, Chris's mom came over to give me my present, I bought Styx tickets and was unable to get American Idol tickets, I made yummy mac and cheese with the rest of the Gruyere, and I honestly don't remember what the hell else I did.
On Sunday my mom and I went to the Book Nook, a fundraiser held by York Hospital. On Sundays there's no admission fee and you can get up to a yard of books for $2. I got 15 books, and if they suck it doesn't matter since they cost just cents apiece. I could have bought a 1988 Burger King calendar with coupons and recipes or a Williams Sonoma catalog from 2001, but I decided against it. After that I met up with a hungover Rusty. We went to Linens N' Things and then to Friendly's. We had fun as usual, and our service was so good at Friendly's that I tipped 20%. No small thing considering my base is 15% and you lose part of your tip every time my glass sits empty. I almost want to write to them because that was exactly how a waitress should be.

Today I went to the bank to switch some stuff around on my CDs, repotted 2 plants, took a little drive, did some laundry, and went out to dinner with my parents and my grandma. I don't see how what I did today could possibly take up a whole day, but apparently it did. I'm now sitting here yawning after taking 2 Simply Sleep since I need to get up tomorrow morning and go back to the grind. I hope everyone had a good weekend!


Blogger Rusty said...

She WAS a good waitress. I think I gave her more than 20% when it was all said and done. Her name was Kim.

And yes, I was hung over. Perhaps if I wasn't, I would have been able to locate the 20% off Linens N' Things coupon I KNEW I had! Dammit!

5/22/2006 10:40 PM  
Blogger defiant goddess said...

I'm glad that you had a pretty good birthday.

I've had gray hair since I was 13.

I knew Wal-mart sucked but not that much. Damn!

Corona rocks and is worth every penny. :)

5/23/2006 9:28 AM  
Blogger March to the Sea said...

Wal-Mart sucks. After watching that I tremble when I drive by the place now. F-

5/23/2006 9:59 AM  
Blogger Jenny G said...

I realized I had a coupon when I got home too. Geez!

I boycotted Wal-Mart a little bit before Christmas '04. I go to Target which I'm sure is just as bad, but it's the principle of the thing.

5/24/2006 9:20 AM  
Blogger oMeSSiaHo said...

I really dont understand all of the Wal-Mart hate. The low pay? These people are high school dropouts and idiots! Why on earth should a guy who stocks paint get paid the same as a dentist! Not happy about what you get paid? QUIT AND GET A BETTER JOB OR GO TO SCHOOL! The healthcare sucks? I paid more when I worked retail. There is no law that says a company has to pay for their employees health. Crappy conditions for the workers? Wal-Mart has investors that put their hard earned money in the company. A loss or low return means these people lose that hard earned money. Crappy conditions for workers overseas? Are you going to boycott like 80% of everything you own? I guarantee an overworked made the keyboard you are typing on now!

I'm a pretty liberal person but I believe Wal-Mart is no more evil then any other company that wants to make a profit. Maybe its because I worked retail but I think Wal-Mart employees have it pretty easy. I paid more for heathcare then the employees in that video did and I had a ton more responsibilities. Granted I got paid more but not that much more.

Its an American idea. You people complain about Wal-Mart but you go to the mall to buy shoes. Do you buy your groceries at the market or Giant? You dont know it but you've been helping the destruction of our country and "small business" your entire life. Malls have been around since the 50's and they overtake land, cause traffic problems, add to polution (you gotta drive there right?) and have people working there for peanuts but do you hear people complain the way they do with Wal-Mart. You cant just pick one company to make yourself feel better for hating. If you gonna "rage" dont do it half assed.

5/24/2006 6:25 PM  
Blogger Kate said...

Happy belated B-Day Jenny G.

BTW: the above poster seems to enjoy "rage" himself. He seems to be ready to disembowel you on your birthday just because you described the content of a movie you watched and some interesting facts you gleaned from the movie. What's up with that?!

I want to see that movie, it sounds interesting.

5/25/2006 11:29 AM  
Blogger oMeSSiaHo said...

Way to censor me Jen. OMG I pointed out that the person who mocked we was wrong on several levels!!! Seriously, what is the point of even having comments if I cant say what I feel.

5/25/2006 6:54 PM  

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