Monday, December 12, 2005

A Case of the Mondays

Ok, now I'm kinda sorry we were off last Friday because I'm getting slammed. I was on the phone with someone for about 10 minutes and got 4 messages during that time. They're making us call all the people from Friday to reschedule them. We coddle people too much here. If I missed a doctor's appointment due to snow, I would call to reschedule, not wait for them to call me. I understand that we're working with people with poor mental health, but they'll never learn responsibility like this. Give a man a fish...

Even though The Simpsons isn't funny anymore, Chris and I almost pissed our pants last night when Homer was paging through the Italian dictionary and came to a picture of Peter Griffin that was labeled plagiarismo, and then on the next page there was a picture of the dad from American Dad that said plagiarismo di plagiarismo.

No Office this week, but at least there's a new Arrested Development tonight.


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