Wednesday, November 30, 2005


I haven't watched Sandra Lee in a while, but I see that she hasn't changed her cooking style. She made beef stew and said something about how it's so easy to cook with vegetables because they come in cans. Yeah... Then she said something about something being a good meal, "and speaking of meals, Imona make some turkey chili." Huh? To go along with her chili she made a cornbread topping with mexicorn in it (vomit). Then when she went to take her "cornbread" out of the pan, she said, "See how it doesn't stick?" as the camera showed the bread sticking to the pan. I shouldn't be making fun, because right now in my oven I have a pizza made from Pillsbury pizza crust. But it's ok because it's topped with fresh tomatoes, mozzarella, and basil. And besides, I work 8.5 hours a day and have about an hour and 45 minutes of commuting time, so whatev.


Blogger katiedid said...

Hee, how about the Thanksgiving meal? She had a Sweet Potato Souffle that had NO EGGS. Oh Sandra, this word "souffle" you use? It does not mean what you think it means. In order to be a souffle it by definition MUST include eggs. Sigh. She can't cook and she can't use a dictionary either. Now I forget, but there was some other concoction from her T-day meal that was simply vile sounding.

11/30/2005 8:25 PM  
Blogger Rusty said...

Most things from most of her shows are vile-sounding! She's just kind of vile herself. I love how she said vegetables are easy because they come in cans! LOL! I also absolutely hate how she says "imona" and tells us "I want you to do... (whatever)". I don't care what she wants us to do! I usually tell her that "I want her to..." put on a supportive bra.

I don't agree with you on mexicorn, though, Jenny...I freakin' love mexicorn!

11/30/2005 9:36 PM  
Blogger Jenny G said...

katie: LOL I missed the "souffle." The only thing I remember from her Thanksgiving show was her pumpkin bundt cakes with electric orange icing.

MR: I think it's actually easier to use frozen (froze) vegetables instead of canned, and they're healthier (at least it seems that way). Blech, mexicorn!

12/01/2005 5:36 PM  

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