Monday, July 02, 2007

Road Trip; June 25, 2007: Part I

Rusty and I set out around 9:30 on our road trip. Our first stop was Lemoyne, right across the Susquehanna River from Harrisburg. Rusty and I are both obsessed with interesting houses and there were some up on a hill that I see on my commute that I wanted to show her. Unfortunately the main house I wanted to show her was down a private drive, and if I'm going to be arrested it's going to be for something cool, so we weren't able to see the house up close. I did snap some nice pictures looking across the river into Harrisburg though.

The state capital building is in the center of this picture and obviously you can't see it here, but the roof of the rotunda is made of gorgeous green tiles that reflect the sunlight beautifully. The tall building to the right of the capital (with the sign on top) is the bank where I go when I have to deposit money for work. It's about a block away from my office.

This picture was taken looking northeast. The bridge is the Harvey Taylor Bridge and the land at the bottom right of the picture is the edge of City Island. I love the hills in the background; I could never live somewhere flat. Notice the haze; this day was hot and humid as hell. Not the best day to be wandering around outside.

The third and last Harrisburg picture is looking southeast over the city. That's the Market Street bridge, the one I take as a back way when I-83 pisses me off too much. The parking garage on the right is on an island and was flooded up to the second level last spring (?) when we had a lot of rain. The house on the right is empty; anyone can feel free to buy it for me.



Blogger Funky Smith said...

I know what you mean, about the hills. I grew up in Frederick and now live in B-more and I miss the hills. I will return to hills/mountains someday!

Looks like a fun trip!

7/02/2007 8:37 PM  

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