Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Idol Thoughts

I don't have too much to say about this season; it's pretty boring. Last night's theme was so random. No Doubt and musicians that have inspired Gwen Stefani. Is she really inspired by Donna Summer?

LaKisha: I'd love to see her do something that's not in her comfort zone. I thought that was a strange choice.

Chris S: Meh.

Melinda: She can sang and she's awesome, but she bores me for the same reason LaKisha does. I'm just not a fan of the kind of music the two of them sing.

Blake: I almost shit my pants when Ryan said someone was going to do a Cure song. Don't fuck with my holy trinity, show. I figured it would be Blake doing Lovesong and was glad when it was. He did fine. It's not really a "performance song."

Phil: I hate Phil but I suppose he did ok. I would freak the hell out if he were watching every breath I take, every move I make, every step I take and every claim I stake.

Haley: Zzzzz... She's lucky she's hot.

Sanjaya: Rusty and I both cracked up when they showed him with his ill-advised hairstyle and then they cut to Ryan giving us his best "WTF?!" face. He sounded like ass but I'm pretty sure he's at the point where he doesn't give a rat's ass. I almost want to keep him around because I enjoy laughing at his suckiness.

Gina: I don't like the Pretenders but I like that song and thought she did a good job.

Chris R.: He's cute but not cute enough to like despite the badness of his singing (see: Young, Ace). I like my men to sound like men which is why I can't stand that Justin Timberlake-esque singing. That whinyness and falsetto does not appeal to me in the least.

Jordin: She did the song I would have done if I had to do a No Doubt song (oh, don't pretend like you don't think about those things), but that song was way too low for her register. Also, her outfit was hideous. I still like her better than LaKisha and Melinda though because she takes risks.

I'm wondering if "Not-Dim" will comment this year...



Blogger Dim said...


Dim walked away from his desk with this screen up, so I decided to comment on it since I like to watch American Idol. Dim, on the other hand, watches stuff like Monster Truck races and soft-core porn on Skinemax. Certainly, NOT American Idol.


LaKisha - She's OK. Great voice, but not really making any stretches. She's coasting.

Chris S. - Oof. Not good. Definitely one of the bottom 3. Two bad performances in a row.

Melinda - I agree with you. That "I Can't Believe I Just Sang A Song on Stage" look after she finishes is wearing thin. But a great voice. Easily in the top 3 for the gals.

Blake - Um. This reeked of when Daughtry did Live covering Johnny Cash and then reveled in the judges' praise when they commented on his originality. This was a perfect cover of the 311 version of this song and effectively put me in a coma. Bo-ring. And no more beat-boxing, man. The Fat Boys ain't gonna come callin'.

Krome Dome - I dig this guy's voice for some reason and thought he did a good job with the Police song. He's freaky looking though. It's one thing to be bald, But he's a little...too bald.

Haley - Maxim Magazine, here she comes! He's pretty hot and that's all she has. She can't sing. I look forward to that magazine spread, probably after tonight.

Jumbalaya - This kid cracks me up. He's a complete fiasco and a mockery of the whole thing. I say leave him in...I want to see how much worse he can get.

Gina - After her Paint It Black horror show a few weeks ago, she nailed this one. Not sure I get her look, but she did well last night.

The Thin Chris - Didn't like the song and didn't like the performance. He needs to just sing Maroon 5 songs for his frat buddies.

Jordin - That poor outfit was horrendous, but I like the fact that she is the most dynamic of all of the women. Fearless. My favorite of the season.

Man, all of the guys are WEAK.

That's all I got.

- Some dude who hijacked Dim's PC, but most certainly NOT Dim.

3/28/2007 1:46 PM  
Blogger B. said...

I know it's late since the getting voted off show was on last night, but hey, here are my thoughts anyway.

Lakisha- Pretty good. I'm not really into her style of music either, but she's got a powerful voice.

Chris S.- His hair is annoying and does he have a speech impediment? He sings with a lisp.

Melinda- I look her not cockiness, but you think she'd come a little more out of her shell. She also has no neck.

Blake- Ok. I love Blake. He's by far my favorite on the show.

Phil- Jen,thank you. I don't like him either. He is very creepy.

Haley- Cute. Nice legs, can only sing country.

Sanjaya- His voice is really annoying and I'm pretty sure he's gay.

Gina- I like her. I loved her doing the Pretenders.

Chris R.- Can't stand him. He is too nasally.

Jordin- Poor girl looked like she was wearing a potato sack. She's fun and cute though.

3/29/2007 7:02 PM  
Blogger hotwire said...

your thoughts are mine exactly, with the exception that melinda will bring a tear once in a while she is so good. gina is the bomb, though.

3/31/2007 8:31 PM  

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