Friday, April 07, 2006

Rusty Is a Wiseacre

Rusty made a comment on my "I Love Spring" post saying that we should go hiking, with "hiking" in capital letters. She did this because last winter I had the big idea that she and I should go hiking pretty much every weekend. We both need to lose weight and get in better shape, and we both love to hike. Guess how many times we hiked last year? Zero. This past winter, I had the big idea again. What Rusty does not realize is that I have now gone to the York County Department of Parks and Recreation website and have printed trail maps from 6 of the county parks. This year we will do it.


Blogger Rusty said...

I've NEVER been referred to as a wiseacre before. Thanks for being the first. :)

I'd love to hike with you! I was giddy with excitement before, and I still am now, except less inclined to actually get out and do it since I've gained about 45 pounds since last summer (where the F did they come from?!??!??).

But you printed out the maps, so we'll do it, dammit! You name the date!

Which parks, by the way?

4/07/2006 8:02 PM  
Blogger Jenny G said...

Rudy, Rocky Ridge, Kain, Nixon, Spring Valley, and Apollo. Raab is closed to the public, Wallace Cross Mill is just a mill, and I didn't think a trail map was necessary for the Rail Trail :). I'm excited to do it, but it sounds like you'll be busy all summer!

4/07/2006 8:44 PM  
Blogger Rusty said...

Not all summer, silly! And we can start now, in the spring. I can help you identify birds! (I can hear you groaning from here)

4/07/2006 11:48 PM  

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