Thursday, November 29, 2007

Weekend Update

I hope my American readers had a good Thanksgiving and my international readers had a good time working while we were's the American way! On Thursday I stopped in at Chris's family's house to say hi and then ate with my parents and my grandma (extended family drama, remember?). On Friday I cleaned; made a pumpkin roll; did laundry; did some other boring, productive things; watched part 2 of Planet Earth; and then went out to Red Lobster with my parents. I don't remember doing much on Saturday, so that must have been the day I spent hours playing Sims 2 *hangs head in shame*. I did, however, make Thanksgiving dinner for me and Chris--Cornish game hens, mashed potatoes, stuffing, brussels sprouts, and the 1 square inch that was left of the pumpkin roll that I made the day before.

On Sunday I went to lunch at a Mexican restaurant and then to IKEA with my mom. I got a bookshelf, a lamp to replace the one that broke, and some other odds and ends. I took Monday off work, so I put the bookshelf together and did some other productive things around the house, then I had class at night.

Which brings us to Tuesday. I went back to work and it was busy as hell. On my way home I got a phone call from Chris. My letter was in the morning paper and someone called our house and threatened to kill me. He said something to the effect of when I die it will be at the hands of a Jewish man. Apparently sarcasm is not taught in the Torah. It's ironic because I am totally fascinated by Judaism and the only group I love more than the Jews are the gays. There was an article in the paper tonight about Hanukkah cooking. I told Chris I was going to write to the paper and register my disgust about it...he didn't find that humorous. Anyway, Chris *69'd the guy and called the cops, but I wasn't part of any of this because Tuesday was Chris's 25th birthday and I was running all over East York trying to find the Futurama movie for him. The officer said we have to decide if we want to file charges or not. I don't; Chris does. I say the guy's a pussy, and if he really wanted to kill me, he would have done it. I called the station and the receptionist said the officer contacted the phone company and that number is disconnected and unavailable and he's supposed to call me when he comes on duty this afternoon. There's never a dull moment. Well, that's not true; there are plenty of dull moments, but the non-dull moments are massive clusterfucks.

So for now, I'm refusing to be afraid in my own home, standing up for the First Amendment, and looking forward to going to the Bears game on Sunday when I get to see my boyfriend Louis Robitaille punch some people.

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Blogger March to the Sea said...

holy CRAP! That will teach you for speaking up! (I kid). I hope stuff turns out fine..

11/29/2007 11:56 AM  
Blogger Dim said...

That's terrible and what is almost as bad as that the guy was so stupid, he didn't realize the tone of your letter. Unreal.

11/29/2007 1:47 PM  
Blogger B. said...

I knew people weren't going to get it. I think if he did, he would laugh, not make threatening phone calls. Geesh.

11/29/2007 6:56 PM  
Blogger Rusty said...

Some people in York are flaming fucking idiots. That asshat proves it. He must be incredibly stupid to have missed your sarcasm!

I'm going to see the Charlotte Checkers play on Saturday! Woohoo! We'll both have a hockey weekend!

11/29/2007 8:58 PM  
Blogger j said...


I have one other blog buddy in Penn. and she was visiting her home town and dared write something in support of gay rights or something in a blog and some guy there was posting that everyone should try to get her fired from her teaching position, etc.--clearly in violation of the policy of the message board or whatever it was.

What's with them folks there? I blame the fact that you share a state with the Flyers--goonery just trickles down.

Well, if I were closer, I'd say we've got your back. Internet-wise, we do.


11/30/2007 9:52 PM  
Blogger Jenny G said...

Thanks, guys.

J: HAHA. How can I put this nicely? We're not very progressive here. One of my coworkers told me she got several death threats when she wrote a nice letter about Planned Parenthood.

12/01/2007 8:43 AM  
Blogger Meadow said...

Writing Letters to the Editor: Lesson #1

DON'T SIGN YOUR REAL NAME ... unless you want random strangers contacting you.

Be safe, hon.

12/02/2007 1:06 PM  

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